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Glass Bong Banger with Diffuser - Durable Quality Hand Blown Craftsmanship


Latest company news about Glass Bong Banger with Diffuser - Durable Quality Hand Blown Craftsmanship

Glass Bong Banger with Diffuser - Durable Quality Hand Blown Craftsmanship

Product Description:

This Glass Water Bong is an excellent product for smoking. It is made with high-quality glass, making it strong and durable. The joint gender is male and the joint size is 14mm. It has a base diameter of 5cm and a height of 20cm, and is shaped like a cylinder. It also features an ice catcher, allowing you to cool down the smoke before inhalation. This Glass Water Bong provides an enjoyable smoking experience, and is sure to last you a long time.


Glass Water Bong - ZY ZY2302

Glass Water Bong is a brand-name product from ZY, with model number ZY2302. It is certified by ISO9001, and originated from China. The minimum order quantity is 100, and the price is open to discussion. The product is packaged in carton, and delivery time is seven to fifteen days. Payment terms include PayPal and T/T. The supply ability is 10000PCS/MONTH. The weight of the product is 500g, and the mouthpiece diameter is 2cm. The product has a carb hole and a diffuser, and is shaped as a cylinder.



Brand Name ZY
Model Number ZY2302
Place of Origin CHINA
Certification ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity 100
Packaging Details CARTON
Delivery Time 7~15DAYS
Payment Terms PAYPAL, T/T
Supply Ability 10000PCS/MONTH
Percolator Yes
Material Glass
Weight 500g
Diffuser Yes
Ice Catcher Yes




Glass Water Bong

Brand Name: ZY

Model Number: ZY2302

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 100


Packaging Details: CARTON

Delivery Time: 7~15DAYS

Payment Terms: PAYPAL, T/T

Supply Ability: 10000PCS/MONTH

Shape: Cylinder

Height: 20cm

Material: Glass

Percolator: Yes

Color: Transparent

Smoking Quartz Banger: Yes

Oil Dab Rigs: Yes

90° Diamond Quartz Banger: Yes

Nail: Yes


Support and Services:


Technical Support and Service for Glass Water Bong
  • We offer free tech support for our Glass Water Bong products.
  • We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our Glass Water Bongs.
  • We offer a one-year warranty on all of our Glass Water Bongs.
  • We offer free repairs for any defects in our Glass Water Bongs within the warranty period.
  • We provide free shipping on all orders over $50.


Packing and Shipping:


Packaging and Shipping for Glass Water Bong

Glass Water Bong is a delicate product, and must be packaged and shipped in a way that ensures it reaches the customer in perfect condition.


We use a combination of bubble wrap, cardboard and foam to ensure that the glass is cushioned and protected during transit. The bubble wrap and foam are used to cushion the glass and protect it from knocks and bumps. The cardboard is used to provide extra strength and rigidity.


We use a reliable courier service to ensure that the Glass Water Bong is delivered to the customer quickly and safely. All orders are tracked and insured to give the customer peace of mind.




Q: What is the Brand Name of your Glass Water Bong?
A: The Brand Name of our Glass Water Bong is ZY.
Q: What is the Model Number of your Glass Water Bong?
A: The Model Number of our Glass Water Bong is ZY2302.
Q: Where is our Glass Water Bong made?
A: Our Glass Water Bong is made in China.
Q: Does your Glass Water Bong have Certification?
A: Yes, our Glass Water Bong has ISO9001 Certification.
Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
A: The Minimum Order Quantity is 100.

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