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Durable Smoking Quartz Banger With Carb Cap High Temperature Resistance Easy Cleaning

Durable Smoking Quartz Banger With Carb Cap High Temperature Resistance Easy Cleaning

Durable Smoking Quartz Banger

Smoking Quartz Banger High Temperature Resistance

quartz banger with carb cap

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Smoking Quartz Banger
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Product Description

Durable Smoking Quartz Banger With Carb Cap High Temperature Resistance Easy Cleaning

Product Description:

A quartz banger is a popular type of nail amongst dab enthusiasts, used for dabbing – a method of consuming concentrates. The banger is constructed from quartz, a type of crystal renowned for being heat-resistant and able to stand the high temperatures demanded by this process.

Beginning with a torch, the banger needs to be heated to the desired level and then a small amount of concentrate placed on the hot surface with a dab tool. On contact with the heated surface, the concentrate will vaporize, ready for inhalation through the dab rig.

The durability of quartz bangers opens them up to some distinct advantages when compared to similar nails. Quartz bangers can retain heat for longer, making dabbing more efficient and overall providing a smoother, more flavourful experience.



Are you looking for an effective way to smoke your favorite herbs and tobacco? Look no further than ZHIYI's Smoking Quartz Banger! This high quality smoking banger is made from quartz and is designed to provide an optimal smoking experience with its good heat retention. Its standard size allows for good portability and it has a unique design that makes it stand out. Moreover, its high temperature resistance ensures that you can enjoy your smoking session to the fullest.

Whether you are looking for a reliable smoking banger to use on a regular basis or a one-time use banger that is perfect for a special occasion, ZHIYI's Smoking Quartz Banger is the perfect choice. With its good heat retention and unique design, you can be sure that your smoking experience will be enjoyable and safe. Furthermore, its high temperature resistance ensures that it can withstand high temperatures without any damage.

If you are looking for an effective way to enjoy your favorite herbs and tobaccos, ZHIYI's Smoking Quartz Banger is the perfect solution. With its good heat retention, standard size, unique design, and high temperature resistance, you can be sure that it will provide you with the perfect smoking experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get your own ZHIYI Smoking Quartz Banger today and enjoy a safe and satisfying smoking session!



Smoked Quartz Banger

The Smoked Quartz Banger is a unique product from ZHIYI that offers excellent functionality and is very easy to clean. It has a banger shape and is designed with high temperature resistance.


  • Brand Name: ZHIYI
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Design: Unique
  • Functionality: Excellent
  • Easy to Clean: Yes
  • Shape: Banger
  • Temperature Resistance: High

Support and Services:

Smoking Quartz Banger offers technical support and services to help customers get the most out of their product. Customers can contact us via email and phone with any technical issues or questions they may have. We also provide comprehensive product guides and tutorials to help customers learn how to use the product. Additionally, we offer free replacements and repairs if the product is damaged or malfunctioning.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Smoking Quartz Banger is securely packaged and shipped in a timely manner. Prior to shipment, each product is carefully inspected and wrapped for safe delivery. Upon shipment, a tracking number is provided.



Q1: What is Smoking Quartz Banger?
A1: Smoking Quartz Banger is a brand name of ZHIYI from China, which is a thermal banger nail used for vaporizing concentrates.

Q2: What is the size of Smoking Quartz Banger?
A2: Smoking Quartz Banger is 20mm in diameter and 4.5mm in thickness.

Q3: What is the material of Smoking Quartz Banger?
A3: Smoking Quartz Banger is made from 100% quartz and stainless steel.

Q4: What is the temperature range of Smoking Quartz Banger?
A4: Smoking Quartz Banger can withstand temperatures up to 500°C.

Q5: What is the usage of Smoking Quartz Banger?
A5: Smoking Quartz Banger is suitable for vaporizing concentrates, and could provide a flavorful and efficient vaporizing experience.

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